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The History Of Online Poker


Poker has been around for many years unlike online poker and internet that are modern inventions. The history of online poker stretches back for slightly over a decade but within that time lie the most riveting and wildest narratives in the internet age. Online poker took off really well in 2003 and 2004 but this was not the first time poker was played on the internet. Planet Poker is credited for taking poker to a virtual world and they got their success. Most players today do not have a clue about the role that was played by Planet Poker in the development of their favorite online gaming. It grew from modest roots but presently attracts players in millions all over the world.


When it all started – 1998


The first ever real money dealt in online poker was back in 1998. Planet Poker was the only option available for online poker and after it was launched, it exploded. This launch was coupled with a number of stumbling blocks as it was easy to play poker online but incorporating some real money into the game proved to be another obstacle. During this period of 1997 to 1998, gaming was just simplistic when compared to the games launched later in 2010. Dial up internet connections were the in-thing back then and it was quite a challenge keeping the games running smoothly. Planet Poker did a lot in paving the way for the present online gaming giants.


Paradise Poker Entry in 1999


The year 1999 saw Paradise Poker enter the industry of online poker, unannounced. Planet Poker was caught unawares and Paradise Poker grew its player base consistently to overtake them. The competition was healthy for the game as it led to the improvement in quality of the card room. The two rooms had to match up with the competition or better. Paradise Poker managed to hang on to enjoy the prosperity of the early 2000’s boom.


Early 2000s


This was the period that online poker really started taking off. Huge players like PokerStars and PartyPoker entered the industry and started to control the action while wiping out the competition. Everyone wanted a piece of the game and many small poker rooms mushroomed with little success. PokerStars and PartyPoker still remain the dominant online poker rooms in the whole world. Only PokerStars though accepts US Player presently.


Moneymaker Boom


In 2003, Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of the Poker Main Event and this turned things up in the online poker industry. The industry witnessed growth at a record pace. He won through the PokerStars and players from the world over began playing poker online. All of them aimed at winning the World Series bracelet and quite a few won them.




UIGEA Rocks the World of Poker – 2006


The UIGEA was introduced in 2006 in the United States. This bill sought to reduce the people who used to play poker online and required banks not to process the online gaming transactions knowingly. This pushed PartyPoker and a number of other online poker rooms outside the US market. Other notable rooms were the bet365, PokerRoom and Pacific Poker. Today players are able to participate in the world’s biggest games at the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.



Top Gambling Tips

It is highly likely that the house always wins, but with the right strategy and tips in mind, youcan be sure to win a few times too. Casinos and other gambling platforms can be a great place for you to earn more money, but also can make you lose a lot. The idea is to have a winning gambling strategy that will help you win most of the time. Here are the top gambling tips that you need starting today.

1. Keep in Mind about the Game Odds

Your head must always be in the game at all times. People tend to think that since they are experienced in a game, they no longer have to pay attention. It also does not matter which superb technique that you might have, the House will always have an advantage. The casino might end up losing to you for a few sessions, but in the end, they will earn more money than you do. Always check regularly to see if the odds are stacked in your favour.

2. Play with money that you can lose

Gambling varies from one person to another. Some people will spend a lot of money while others will tend to keep their gambling habit in check. Let us face it, you will always find an ATM machine close or in the casino. The moment you lose money, you will go back to the ATM to get more. Just withdraw enough money for gambling and leave your cards at home or hotel room. This will help you only gamble with the money that you are ready to lose.

3. Identify Clumsy Dealers

This would be great when playing blackjack. Take the time to find a dealer who might accidentally reveal the other side of the card while picking them. Many people in the world are making more money through gambling as they can identify such clumsy dealers. Some even have notebooks to write down about such dealers in different casinos in town. Be careful not to win too much as it will raise suspicion from the management. Even if they find out the trick, the worst that could happen is throwing you out of the casino.

4. Exploiting the mechanical issues of a game

It is quite simple, the roulette wheel being mechanical; it will wear off after some time. With the wearing, the wheel becomes unbalanced, giving privileges to some numbers. It still takes a keen eye and focus to understand the wheel before using it to your advantage. You might think that you have mastered it, only to end up losing more money.

5. Practice will make your gaming better

With gambling, it is all about being smart about your gaming strategy. When you start as a gambler, expect to lose some money, as you are not experienced. However, with practice, you get to learn more about the game and how to play better. You can still take the time to learn more about the game online before heading into a casino. There are people who willingly share their strategies on how they managed to win more money from the casino.

Make sure that you do not follow the strategies blindly, but just use them for guidance.

6. Use a watch to track your time

It is highly likely that there will be no clocks or windows in a casino. The main aim of the house is to ensure people keep on gambling for as long as possible. You will find that also the dealers do not wear watches. Invest in a small wrist watch that will help you track the time spent in the casino. Also, once you are making a good amount in the first few rounds, get out of the casino immediately. The more you play, the chances are that you will even lose more to the house.

7. Know when to call it quits

Some people tend to invest more money in gambling than anything else in their lives. They would want to gamble day and night to make more money. They will always end up being alcoholics and losing all their money. There is the need to come up with a figure that you are going to spend on each day or week as part of gambling. When you hit that amount, you call it quits and walk out of the casino. It can be hard to walk out because of the addiction, but that is the only way you can have more money left in your account.

8. Do not drink while playing

The work of the waiter is to keep the alcohol coming as a way of keeping you in front of the table or machine to keep on playing. Alcohol will always impair your judgment about the game. If you cannot handle alcohol, it is better to come up with an excuse about that will stop the alcohol from coming again. You can simply say that you are the designated driver for a group of people and no one will bother you again with alcohol.


Gambling Comission UK

Gambling and betting have been international money making activities where the players pledge some of their money or properties with the hope of winning more money. The  common gambling is the casino games mainly played by adults and have been legalized to  be conducted. Sport betting is recently one of the newest and commonest gambling games  today. 

 Many regions are popular with gambling one of which is the United Kingdom. When gambling  kicked off, there were many challenges faced such as lack of fairness and it also led to illegal  businesses being carried out that were associated with gambling thus led to the pressing  need of forming a commission so as to keep gambling a fair and safe activity for everyone. 

 The commission is called The Gambling Commission for the UK. However, The Gambling  Control Board is a body that governs gambling rules all over the region. 

Most gambling activities in Britain are controlled by the Gambling commission, which started  acting fully in 2007.This body rose to take full responsibility of all gambling and betting  institutions such as casinos, lotteries, slot machines and arcades. However, spread betting is  still under the docket of The Financial Conduct Authority. Recently in 2013, the commission  has also taken over the National Authority. 

The Gambling commission in the UK is endorsed by the ministry of culture and Sports. The commission is also charged with the responsibility of issuing license to businesses when dealing with promotion of their goods or transaction of the goods within the Great Britain. 

 The headquarters are located in Birmingham where many people, ranging close to 250 have  been absorbed as workers and other working in their offices located in England, Wales and  Scotland who are close to 40. This has definitely improved their standards of living hence  with this, the commission has been able to give back maximum to the society. 

 It is without doubt that a big institution like the Gambling Commission operates under a huge budgeted finance. The Ministry of sports and culture has been providing the commission with the necessary financial aids to keep it running. The revenue acquired through the licensed  companies also forms a great revenue source for the company in addition to the grants from  the National Lottery Commission. 

The main purpose of this commission is to preserve the game of gambling by making sure of fairness and safety of the people involved, stopping illegal businesses and dealings that might be associated with the gambling and alsoensuring no harm to the minors and the  exposed in the society. 

 The major licensed companies by the Gambling Commission in the UK fall under these  categories: casinos and bingos, betting, arcades, betting machines and software and  lotteries. These licensed companies are bound to conform to the License conditions and  codes of practice (LCCP). Their procedures are transparent and accountable making sure that the major risks in the Licensing act are dealt with even before they occur. By this, clients are assured of protection from corruption or fraud especially in sport betting activities. 

The government is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the body because they work hand in hand especially were information and intelligence is required as the commission always has a solid evidence for the police during investigations of crime. Other institutions that rely on  the Gambling commission include Licensing authorities and revenue and customs  institutions. 

 With the many responsibilities under the docket of the Gambling commission, people may  mistake the duties of other bodies for the commission. Some of the errands not undertaken  by the body frequently mistaken by clients include legal advice forbusinesses, regulation of  gambling websites and spread betting which is solely under the care of the Financial conduct  authority. 

 The Gambling commission has taken over the most important job which is to protect funds of  players. Although betting is a very risky activity, most people do participate in betting at the expense of their money being lost as the betting companies may unavoidably get bankrupt. 

Their role here mainly comes in when licensing the betting companies. They have to do their investigations well concerning the financial status of the company to ensure that they are in a position to refund the clients even during cases of financial constraints. However, the main challenge is that future financial health of the betting companies is not accounted for as the businesses daily activities are not monitored. 

All in all, challenges are bound to be faced by any organization. The main challenge facing the body is that they have not been successful in preventing the binge of static odd betting terminals which has taken over the streets, hindering full safeguard of the UK clients from fraud businesses.


British Institute of Regulatory Affairs

The British Institute of Regulatory Affairs was established with the sole aim of ensuring that all land based and online and mobile gambling related companies who are based in, and/or offer their services to players of the United Kingdom, operate within the legal boundaries as dictated by the UK Government.

By applying for a license to operate and offering their services to UK based gamblers any company applying for a British Institute of Regulatory Affairs gambling license must adhere to the very robust set of terms of operation dictated by this regulatory authority in regards to both gambling compliance and gambling regulation.

Below we have a complete overview of how the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs vet license applicants and also we have a roundup of the ways in which they oversee the day to day operation of each license holder.

Types of Gaming Licenses

There are three main types of gaming licenses that can be granted by the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs, and below you will find an overview of what those licenses are and who or what they cover.

Licensed Premises – Many pubs, clubs and other venues are permitted to have a certain number of gaming machines. However each venue must hold a gaming permit and each individual gaming machine much also have its own gambling license.

Remote Gaming Licenses – A remote gambling license is issued when a gambling company is offering any type of gambling games or services which are not carried out by the player or gambler in the premises of the company holding such a license. As such these types of gambling licenses cover all online and mobile gambling related sites.

Personal Gaming Licenses – In some situations a named individual working for a gambling company may be required to hold a gambling license, and if so then that person will need to go through an individual vetting procedure to ensure they have no criminal convictions and are deemed to be suitable for the job they are holding or applying for.

Appling for a UK Gambling Licence

When an individual or a company applies for a British Institute of Regulatory Affairs gaming licence there are a range of stringent checks performed on that individual or company. Below you will find the main checks which are performed during the application process to determine whether an individual or company is of the standard required to be issued with such a license.

Director Background Checks – All of the listed company Directors of any organisation or company that is applying for a gambling license must be named and detailed background checks will be undertaken on each of those named Directors.

Company Financial Standing – All player deposits must be kept in a segregated bank account which is ring fenced from the bank accounts for the day to day running of any gambling site, and all bank

accounts will be audited regularly too to ensure the company has enough available finds and cash flow to operate their sites effectively.

Operation of Fair Games – All of the gambling games offered by any licensed site must be tested and independently certified as being completely random and fair before going live. The expected payout percentages or house edges of those games must also be displayed on the gambling sites website.

Know-Your-Customer Requirements – All companies offering any type of gambling games or gambling services must make checks so that they can identify each customer they have. This could be done via electronic means or by requesting identification documents from their customers.

Complaints Procedure – All licensed companies and premises must have in place a complaints procedure, In the event of a customer not being able to get their complaint addressed then an independent company or organisation must be offered to any customer so their complaint can be addressed.

Land Based Gambling Venues

In regards to the range and type of land based venues that can be granted a British Institute of Regulatory Affairs licence to operate, we have listed all of them below. The type of gambling activities that can be undertaken at some of these venues and licensed premises can be wide and varied however their gambling licence granted will cover all different forms of gambling.

Amusement Arcades – Both adult only and general amusement arcades need to be licensed and will also be required to operate machines on a certain stake and with jackpots not exceeding current limits as dictated by the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs.

Bingo Halls and Clubs – Bingo Clubs and Halls can be granted both a license for cash bingo games and also gaming machines too. The opening times of these venues are also strictly controlled as are the stakes and prizes offered on all gaming machines.

Casinos – When a land based casino applies for a gambling licence they will be permitted to operate a maximum number of gaming machines and table games, on which both the stakes and prizes on offer must fall within and not exceed permitted levels.

Betting Shops and Offices – Betting shops and offices will be covered to take bets on any event by their gambling license and will be permitted to operate no more than four Foxed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBT's as they are known.

Gaming Machine Licenses – Any company that supplies gaming machines to any premises will also need to be licensed to supply those gaming machines, and each venue operating those gaming machines will also be required to be fully licensed too.

British Institute of Regulatory Affairs Licensed Sites

There are quite a number of different gambling related sites that are licensed and fully regulated by the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs, and below you will find each individual category of site.

Be aware that the remote gambling licenses that are issued to such sites can cover both an online or mobile gambling site or a mix of both sites if they are operated by the same company granted such a license.

Sportsbook and Bookmakers – In addition to any land based gambling license a sportsbook or bookmaker related company may already hold to offer their services to online and mobile sports bettors and gambling they will also be required to obtain a remote gambling licence too.

Casino Sites – Casinos sites come under the gambling compliance and gambling regulation of the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs and each casino must adhere to some very stringent rules and regulations in regards to the fairness of the games available.

Bingo Sites – Many Bingo sites are operated by companies also offering casino sites and/or betting sites, however their one remote gambling license will cover all of the gambling games and gambling services they have on offer to their customers.

Poker Rooms – Poker sites offering both free play and real money poker games and poker tournaments will also need to apply for and be granted with a licence to offer their games and services to UK based players.

Games and Lottery Sites – Both general games sites and also lottery sites can be granted with a remote license to operate. By doing so each site must adhered to the requirements laid down by the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs in regards to the operation of their sites and the types of games or lotteries they offer their customers.

Benefits of Gambling at a UK Licensed Site

If you are a UK based gambling who is interested in signing up to one of the growing number of online or mobile gambling sites that have now been granted a full gaming license and operates in line with the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs gambling compliance and gambling regulation remit, then below are some of the benefits that will be afforded to you when you do so.

Fair and Random Games – All of the game made available to players, whether bingo, poker, casino or any other game of chance will have been verified and certified as being completely random, fair and true. The real money and free play games must also play to the exact same payout percentages and house edges as each other, with no increase payouts for the free to access and play games.

Prompt Payment of Winnings – Players who have been verified by the Know Your Customer requirements will then be able to benefit from prompt and timely winning payouts from any gambling sites licensed. Different payout options however can and will vary in regards to the amount to time you will need to wait to get paid out your winnings.

Licensed and Regulated – By playing at any site holding a British Institute of Regulatory Affairs issued licence you will be playing at site that adheres to a robust and very strict code of conduct.

Official Complaints Procedure – If you ever run into any type of problems at a UK licensed gambling site then there will be a complaints procedure in place to enable you to get your complaint addressed quickly and in line with both the company policy at that site and the British Institute of Regulatory Affairs gambling compliance and gambling regulation requirements.